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80-20 Initiative Idiocy

The 80-20 Initiative is riding the Whambulance.

This organization built some respect from the mainstream Asian American community in 2008 and kind of spoke as a unified voice for the community. I particularly admired their efforts to encourage the appointment of more Asian American judges.

In 2010, because Jerry Brown's campaign said it was too busy to return their special survey and instead had a low level staffer email talking points, a butthurt 80-20 wants to, I quote, "elect Whitman & punish Brown."

Whitman's response to 80-20--which doesn't answer their survey either--isn't very substantial either and only asserts that "qualified API candidates will find equal opportunity" and a commitment to a meeting. Maybe that's more than Brown said, but historically Brown has acted by actually appointing Asian Americans to government positions (he claims to have appointed over 287 APAs, including the first Chinese-American woman judge to the state Superior Court.)

Other quotes from 80-20 Initiative:

"Henceforth Brown will NOT take Asian Ams for granted, whether he wins or loses. Now help Whitman win and make our victory complete!"

"PS Have you sent a fax to Brown? If not, send something like the following:

Dear Mr. Brown:

Please seize this LAST chance to reply to 80-20 California Coalition's questionnaire. Otherwise, I'll be voting for Meg Whitman and ask my friends to do. You are beginning to offend me.

Is this some sort of joke? If you intend to speak for the Asian American community, please at least use proper sentence structure and do not reinforce negative Asian stereotypes like bad grammar and obsession with honor.

Brown said he didn't care to answer. Whitman's answer was "I'll go beyond that. I'll not only appoint APIs to the positions referred to in your questionnaire, I'll give you input to who are to be appointed. The glass ceiling problem shall be solved the same way. Help me appoint the best high level officials who have the authority to shatter the glass ceiling for Asian Ams." Are these her exact words? No.

This paragraph I cannot even begin to aaArrgh arrgh. Brown didn't say he didn't care to answer, he said he didn't feel he had resources to answer it. And that is NOT, what Whitman said, it is not a quote--it is their interpretation of what Whitman said--which is why they immediately say those were not her exact words. I just don't even...and these people are supposed to be college professors?

Use your imagination to help Whitman win. When Whitman wins, WE win. [5 "W" words? Do a high-five for the 5 Ws & be a Whitman supporter. :) :)

When Whitman wins, WE win

Uhhhh no. When Whitman wins, Asian Americans will not win.

Yes, Brown has been shortsighted in not courting Asian Americans (13% of the State, 6% of voters), and it sucks. I don't like him for it. It absolutely sucks. I hate to admit it, but Whitman is doing a way better job courting Asian American voters. Her website is even available in Chinese.

I wish Brown had Mandarin Chinese commercial featuring happy, smiling model minorities like Whitman's (above.) I mean, clearly from this video we see that Meg occasionally shakes hands with Asian people and they do not immediately immolate upon contact.

The point of the election is not simply to teach Jerry Brown a Big Lesson about appreciating Asian Americans. Electing Whitman -- whose policies will lead to fewer rights for Asian Americans--is hardly the solution, you egotistical numbnuts.

Whitman's been mum on reproductive health rights even though the Asian American women population has serious reproductive health issues. She is against gay marriage even though a majority of Asian American voters voted against Prop 8. She's against Healthcare Reform even though Asian Americans face huge health care inequalities. Her position on immigration and the DREAM Act isn't exactly helpful to many Asian American families, either.

So, uh, 80-20? Bashing Brown so openly--using such immature language-- only lessens the chances of Asian American collaboration with Brown, should he win.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that one of the signatories on their letter to Whitman, and one of the members of the 80-20 California Coalition, businessman C.C. Yin, founder of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association, just happens to be the leader of Whitman's Asian American/Pacific Islander Coalition.

If 80-20 had more compelling reasons to endorse Whitman than "she sent us a nice letter," maybe I'd get it. But as such, they are making the Asian American electorate look very bad.

To use your words, 80-20 initiative: you are beginning to offend me.

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