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FOX News's epic "translation" of a CNN article

Back in September, CNN covered a child named Tammy who is transgender. The article talks about Tammy's childhood struggling with being born "Thomas" and the journey her family went through. It then talks about the transgender hormone therapy Tammy is receiving to delay puberty. By delaying the development of secondary sex characteristics, when Tammy is older if she decides to fully transition as an adult, she will not need to get expensive surgeries.

CNN's article quotes:

  • Other transgender children

  • the chairperson of a committee to update treatment guidelines for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health

  • the American Psychological Association

  • a professor at USC whose expertise is in transgender children
  • Tammy's parents

  • the director of Gender Spectrum, a conference for families of gender nonconforming children

  • a doctor who does "reparative therapy" and promises to make transgender kids "normal."

The CNN story shows a picture of Tammy today and while not perfect, refers to Tammy as Tammy with her preferred pronoun.

Fox News picked up the story shortly after. The story exclusively focuses on the hormone therapy Tammy is getting instead of the big picture (like her parents' repeated attempts to ask Tammy if she felt like being Tommy again.) The story also plays up the fact that Tommy was adopted by two lesbian women.

Fox News's Sources are:
  • The director of education and training for Gender Spectrum

  • The Vatican's advisor on sexual matters

  • Fox's official health editor

  • A plastic surgeon who does transgender facial therapy (which "coincidentally" the treatment would eliminate the need for)

  • A person who goes on anti-LGBT sites sharing his "ex-transgender" story

  • The other Fox health guy who said parents should not let kids watch Chaz Bono dance with the stars.

The Fox story shows a picture of Tommy and hides pictures of Tammy under a cut. Fox News's story does not follow AP journalistic standards and refers to Tammy as Tommy and uses the pronoun "he."

I think it's safe to say that one article actually quotes people who are familiar with transgender medicine and transgender issues, and the other doesn't.

I'm not even really sure how I can put this in words. I know this Fox article doesn't directly hurt Tammy or her family...in the sense that she is really blessed to have access to transition treatment so early and to have supportive parents. It's not going to stop the therapy she is getting to help her.

But what about the kids who aren't so supportive, whose parents listened to this Fox News bullshit? Ten, twenty years later, because they did not get this treatment, the children of people who listened to Fox News will have to pay thousands of dollars and undergo surgery that this treatment could have prevented from becoming necessary.

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