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On the "Legitimate Rape" statement

The keyword here isn't rape, even though everyone is right to focus on how our society approaches the concept of rape (we are not very evolved. Oh, also, did you know that in 31 states, rapists are allowed visitation rights to their children?)

The keyword for me--at least just as important of a word--is the word "legitimate." As in, politicians discerning "legitimate" reasons for medical procedures and services specifically pertaining to reproductive health care.

This is why to some people, having uterine tumors is a more "legitimate" reason to use birth control than "wanting to have sex without getting pregnant." This is why "I was raped by a stranger in the bushes" is seen as a more "legitimate" rape than "I was flirting with him but he didn't listen when I drew a boundary and told him no." This is why "I was raped by a family member" is considered a more "legitimate" reason to get an abortion than "I am acknowledging that I am no where near ready to be pregnant or a parent."

What the word "legitimate" implies is: I get to decide whether or not it was okay for her to get that abortion. I get to decide whether or not it was actually rape. The arbitrator of what makes reproductive health access "legitimate" is an infringement on personal choice and freedom (ATTN: Libertarians) and good medical practice (ATTN: people who prefer medical decisions to be made by the patient and their chosen medical professional.)

The word legitimate is just as important as the word rape. It speaks to the entitlement people have towards deciding when a woman has been "really" raped or "deserves" to have an abortion.

On Romney bragging about not having to show his birth certificate

Anyhow, everyone is saying Romney is making a cheap shot at Obama's perceived foreign birtherness without really completing tying in racial nativism.

(tl;dr: In America, white racial nativism is this idea that white people are 'real Americans' while Asian Americans are Chicanos are presumed to be foreign or less American even if they are just as American, etc.)

Romney, you didn't have to show your birth certificate because you're a privilege douchebag who has never had to go through the indignity of being asked "But where are you REALLY from?"

Dude, your dad was also not born in the United States, but you did not undergo the same scrutiny as Obama because your dad was a rich white governor and Obama's dad was a Kenyan foreign exchange student.

You didn't have to show your birth certificate because you benefit from the public's tendency to assume all white people are American and all non-white people are not American.

Don't brag about benefiting from white privilege and racial nativism, dude. It's really embarrassing.

Richard Aoki: Alleged FBI informant

So this investigative journalist named Seth Rosenfeld wrote a book and claims he has exposed Richard Aoki as an informant. He had never heard of Aoki before writing the book (gah, why is that, he is probably one of the most famous Asian American activists like, ever.) Anyhow, because Richard Aoki was an Asian American Black Panther and he armed the Black Panthers and taught them ho to shoot things, people are freaking out. Lots of debate over whether or not Rosenfeld did a good job researching and what this all means. Also, this undermines the idea that Asian Americans are down with civil rights. This has become a story about an Asian dude betraying a black movement.

What I feel people are not focusing on enough is like, holy shit, COINTELPRO was fucking everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s, including at UCLA where two students were killed. The FBI had this organized, concerted effort to undermine civil rights organizations; it worked to defame Martin Luther King Jr., etc. Oldest story in the book. This isn't a story about an Asian dude betraying a black movement, it's a story about the FBI orchestrating the betrayal of activists of color within a Civil Rights movement. And inter-ethnic conflict isn't anything new, either, it's a form of social control...so...can we please focus on the fact that the FBI managed to get so deep into the Black Panthers that the *cough* weapons supplier was allegedly a plant? Isn't that more shocking?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer bars undocumented students under Deferred Action from getting driver's licenses

I mean, beyond all the stuff about how this is a really dick move, it's also not a very intelligent one. You want a bunch of unlicensed drivers puttering around the streets of Arizona? Okay then.

People saying "Today we are all Sikh" in solidarity.

No, you are not. If you are not Sikh, you have no idea what religious and/or racial discrimination people who are Sikh have had to go through in the United States, particularly magnified in the last decade. We are not all Trayvon Martin, we are not all Sikh, and being a member of a "minority" group for today is not the same as living that reality day in and day out.
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